News and Events

Organized Events

  1. General health and wellness camp at Lotus Hospital on 26/01/2014

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  2. General health and wellness camp at Reckjoani Ananda Sangha Club on 26/01/2015

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  3. Cervical Cancer Awareness Camp at East Calcutta Girls College , Laketown Kolkata on 21/04/2015

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  4. A baby show had been organized in Lotus hospital premises recently to celebrate birth of 100 babies.The show was aimed at providing baby care and rearing tips to the parents. The wellness tips were given by pediatric specialists empanelled with the hospital.The event was made attractive with activities like photo session, quiz and most photogenic baby competition.Babies along with their parents had enthusiastically participated in all activities to make the event a grand success.The event concluded with a cervical cancer awareness programme followed by prize distribution.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Cervical Cancer awareness camps followed by vaccination program in various leading colleges and schools, aimed at the girl students and female staff members.
  2. Specialist Outdoor for under-privileged patients once in a week.
  3. Baby health chekupprogramme followed by a baby show on 21st June-2015.
  4. Guest Lecture on Cervical Cancer Symptoms, diagnosis and prevention aimed towards, General Practitioners, Gynaecologists and Pediatricians of the vicinity.