Catering to specific segments

Well Woman Clinic

Takes care of the overall health of a woman. Regular followup is encouraged in this structured guidance format.

Adolescent Care Clinic

Adolescent physical and mental health is a burning issue in today’s society. We address this issue very sensitively and guide you to diagnose and manage all your health issue.

Menopause Clinic

Menopause indicates the beginning of second innings in a woman’s life. There are significant social, psychological and physical issues related to this evolving phase. We offer expert guidance for you to tide over this challenging situation. HORMONE THERAPY is initiated as and when necessary. Your heart and bones get special attention apart from the psycholosocial issues.

Well Baby Clinic

Routine baby care, parental councelling, nutrition issues and basic health guidelines are discussed. Regular follow up is advisable.
Paternal Guidance Centre:
The ‘would be’ fathers are counseled and guidance offered regarding the basic challenges of parenthood. This programme is very helpful for the first time parents.

Breast Clinic

All breast issues – tumours, discharges etc. are dealt with, Cancer screening and counseling done. Breast AUGMENTATION and REDUCTION surgeries are routinely undertaken. Nipple correction is done.