Lotus hospital is located at Indiranagar, Kanjialparanear on SRCM Road (91 Bus route). It is in between Siddha Town and Rajarhat PS, opposite to Siddha Saphire. You can also reach Lotus from the direction of Rajarhat Road if you get down at Indiranagar petrol Pump bus stop. If you are coming from Newton by car you have to take Rajarhat Road from chinar park and then cross over to the SRCM Road at Rekjoani. If car commuters are coming from VIP road, they have to take SRCM road from VIP road at kaikhali.

The Hospital Management, considering the Emergency situation and humanitarian aspect do allow emergency / accident patients to get admitted without any initial deposit money. However, for for General Bed admission the deposit amount is Rs.5,000/- and for Critical Care (ICU & ITU) the amount is Rs.15,000/-

The admission procedure is very brief and completely “hassle-free”. The advice for admission from any doctor is not mandatory. However, if there is any such advice, the patient’s family or relatives should carry the same at the time of admission. All patients are admitted through the “Emergency” department after an initial examination by our Emergency Medical Officer. The patient’s relative/escort then fills up the ‘Consent Form’ for admission, while the patient is administered necessary medical treatment.

Yes, we do have the facility of Cashless Treatment Benefit which is subject to the concerned TPA’s Letter of Approval issued to Lotus Hospital.

We provide great value to the visiting senior citizens. We provide a free first time registration facility for senior citizens, and provide a health card for a year upon production of which the senior citizen can avail 20% discount on all OPD investigation throughout the calendar year. Apart from this they can avail 5% discount on all OPD medicine purchases. On IPD bills senior citizens can avail a discount bed, OPD and investigation charges, however they can not avail the discount on surgeon / consultant fees.

2 persons can visit the admitted patient in the visiting hours. They are updated on the admitted patient’s status in person by having direct communication with the treating consultant and/or RMO. If the condition of in patient is critical; the parties are immediately communicated over telephone.

  • General visit charges by the present GP is Rs. 50.00 only
  • For special clinics the visit varies between Rs. 200.00 to Rs. 500.00.